Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Advantages of Implementing Accessibility Guidelines

There has been considerable debate in webmasters community on how the accessibility guidelines help them.

  • The people from search engines like Google are amongst the core team members who decide the W3C accessibility guidelines. The recent WCAG2.0 core team had one of the four people from Google. The search engines do give preference to websites which rank high in accessibility ratings
  • Moreover the accessibility not only helps the people who are disabled but also improves the usability experiences of the normal web users.Its like satisfying one group and giving added advantages to the other group.
  • The ecommerce websites should not ignore the number of customer base they are loosing by not implementing the accessibility guidelines.As per United Nations estimate , World wide there are about 750 million people who are disabled. The amount of additional business which webmasters can add up to them can be easily guessed keeping in mind the fact that disabled people want to shop from the comfort of the home.
  • Strict Mandatory Government Laws also need accessibility compliance for all the websites. Otherwise webmaster might have to face public litigations which can be much more costly , then to implement accessibility guidelines over their websites.

We are carrying a Accessibility Survey as part of research . If you haven't participated in the survey yet. Please spare 3-5 min of yours.

Accessibility Survey

Thanks for your time . Your comments and suggestions are heartily welcome.


  1. Greetings:

    I'm interested in your survey as I'm currently conducting research (qualitative) in this exact same topic.

    Contact me at glen[dot]farrelly at royalroads[dot]ca if you're interested in sharing findings, literature, etc.

    Good luck,
    Glen Farrelly

  2. Greeting Glen Farrelly

    Thanks for your comments , yes we shall be happy to share survey results with you as soon as we come to its concluding stage. At present we are trying to reach as many webmasters we can , convincing them to participate in the survey.

    You can also use your resources and links for making this survey successful. I shall be in touch with you from time to time sharing whatever information we can.

    With Best Wishes

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