Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Survey Motive

One of the webmaster who participated in the survey gave us feedback , asking motive of the survey.

This work is being done as part of university research on Accessibility

What we are trying to find out from this.

  • Webmasters point of view of accessibility problem. Why webmasters are not able to take up and implement accessibility guidelines in all of their work.
  • What problems they are facing in implementing those guidelines?
  • Does tough project timeline and money put constraints for implementing accessibility?
  • Is knowledge of webmasters related to accessibility bottleneck?
  • Whose responsibility does they feel in implementing Accessibility ? Are they just trying to pass the ball?

I hope at the end of this process we shall be able to have answers to some of these questions.

Just read these questions below , and incase you haven't participated in the survey yet. Please spare 3-5 min of yours.

Accessibility Survey

Thanks for your time . Your comments and suggestions are heartily welcome.


From which country you are ?


What level of knowledge you are having for accessibility and how it helps people with disability


Do you implement accessibility guidelines in your organization websites?


Which guidelines are you using for accessing accessibility of website


What type of tools you use for checking accessibility of your website.


While project time/cost estimation do you include accessibility features inclusion and testing into consideration?


What is your current role in your organization?


Whose responsibility is do you feel to make websites accessible for everyone?


Why you implement accessibility guidelines in your organization?


Which factor stops you from implementing accessibility guidelines in your work.


This part of survey is OPTIONAL. Please give us your feedback, suggestions and comments regarding accessibility or this survey. You can also include URL of your website if you want free accessibility analysis done for your website*. We shall be happy to send back you report for the same. Please don't forget to include your email address.

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